We may prepare an access road to your investment project!

We may prepare an access road to your investment project!

We are pleased to inform you about our new service offered since May 2015. This solution has been successfully used in the Western Europe for years.
Our technology enables us to lay any number of road boards on any type of ground creating a connected surface. Thanks to their properties, our special road surface boards may be used instead of the conventional concrete or steel road boards. The conventional boards are expensive to rent and require additional ground work. Many trucks are usually needed to transfer the traditional boards.
transportowych You also need to order HDS cranes for the conventional board loading and unloading as well as for their ground arrangement. As for our special road boards, the road surface built of them is exceptionally smooth without sharp edges. Our boards do not move under the wheels of the vehicles running on them. There is hardly any risk that in bad weather conditions the tyres will lose contact with the road surface. 
The road board technology we offer is usually used for building temporary access roads to construction sites, investment project areas and industrial areas. It may also be used as floor for different open-air events attended by larger groups of people. 
The road boards offered by Transannaberg are easy to transport, to load / unload and to keep clean. They are resistant to weather conditions. Our boards can carry heavy loads travelling on them, e.g. oversize trucks, cranes, etc. 
Thanks to their special connection system, they may be used as a hardened road surface on boggy grounds, grass areas, pavements and existing roads (in order to protect the ground against the destruction). 
Transannaberg provides the transport and proper arrangement of the road boards at any location. We also assist in permit applications, proper document preparations and road markings for our road board solutions.

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